7 tourist attractions to visit in Southern Africa

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7 tourist attractions to visit in Southern Africa

Africa is home to some of the most fascinating and exquisite tourist attractions and vacation spots in the world. The Southern African region, for example, offers you all the best and memorable experiences for a vacation, honeymoon, or retreat. The following are places to consider when looking for the best travel destinations for yourself, friends, and family.

table mountain in south africa

Table Mountain

Known as the most iconic location in South Africa, the Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain which overlooks the city of Cape Town. Cape Town has been listed by Harper’s Bazaar as the 4th most beautiful city in the world. Hence one can only imagine the impeccable and breathtaking view from the top of this mountain. There is a cableway journey with cable cars which move along the lower Cableway Station to the summit of the Table Mountain. While enjoying the ride you get panoramic views of other tourist sites like Robben Island.

There are also restaurants on the mountain top and of course, an opportunity to take some of the most incredible photos and selfies. If you love to hike, then you will not be left out as there are hiking trails to the top of the mountain. If you are considering a family vacation, honeymoon trip or a simple getaway with friends then Cape Town is the place you want to be.

victoria falls zimbabwe zambia

Victoria Falls

Located at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls is a spectacular landmark on the Zambezi river. It was described as “The Smoke that thunders” by the Kololo tribe that lives in the area. It has also been known by many as the “greatest curtain of falling water” in the world. There is a place at the waterfalls known as the knife-edge bridge which allows visitors to have one of the best views of the main falls and the Eastern Cataract.

Other significant landmarks in the area are the Devils Pool and Livingstone Island. There are opportunities to fish and enjoy a cruise on the Zambezi river. This cruise gives you an opportunity to see the wildlife like hippos, crocodiles, etc. A trip to Zimbabwe or Zambia would not be complete without seeing the Victoria falls.

Sossusvlei namibia


Sossusvlei is one of Namibia’s spectacular landmarks. It is a salt and clay pan with high red dunes located in the Southern part of the country and around the Naukluft National Park of Namibia. The dunes in this region are 400 meters high making them some of the highest in the world. There are several attraction sites around Sossusvlei giving visitors to the opportunity to explore Sesriem Canyon and other national parks.

There are also amazing views over the dessert landscapes and fascinating lodging facilities to make the trip memorable. Hence if you have not thought of a reason to visit Namibia, then Sossusvlei is an option worthwhile.

chobe national park botswana

Chobe National Park

Labeled as one of the best places to visit in Botswana, the Chobe National Park rests in the country’s Okavango Delta. This area has some of the largest concentrations of African wildlife all year round. If you are a lover of elephants, then it’s the best place to visit. There are also lions, Cape buffalos, hippos, and antelopes. Similarly, there is an array of bird species and migrating zebras. You can also enjoy multiple luxurious safari experiences and accommodation that brings comfort to the wild. If you are hoping to have a journey of a lifetime then Chobe National Park should be on your bucket list.

bazaruto archipelago mozambique

Bazaruto Archipelago

Famous for their diverse ecologies and breathtaking beauty, the Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of 6 islands located off the coast of Southern Mozambique. The pristine coral reefs and white sand beaches make it a paradise on earth. The islands are home to multiple bird species, rare marine animals as well as dolphins and whales. The six islands are Benguerra, Santa Carolina, Pansy Shell Island, Banque and Bazaruto which is the largest of them all. If you want the opportunity to relax, snorkel, surf or simply enjoy some great sea food and cocktails then the Bazaruto Archipelago has got you covered.

lake malawi

Lake Malawi National Park

Located between Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, Lake Malawi is one of Africa’s Great Lakes. The national park is the only of its kind created to protect fish and aquatic habitats in the country. The lake is prominent for its fish diversity and its several small rocky islands. Lake Malawi is also a vast body of crystal-clear water with beaches of golden sand. The park offers multiple activities like water sports and leisure cruise expeditions. The entire region is scenic, taking relaxing and enjoying a holiday to another level. There are also beautiful holiday resorts around the lake area to make your visit one for the books. If you have never thought of visiting Malawi, then it is time to add it to your travel plans.

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