Terms & Conditions

These Terms determine the conditions for signing up to coupons.com.gh, the rules governing users’ participation in promotions, the procedure for creating Coupons and enjoying discounts. The Member confirms acceptance of these Terms by registering on the Site and undertakes to comply with them.

Terms and Definitions

The Application is a platform whose Members, when paying for goods and /or services services from Partners, subject to the presentation of a Coupon / Ticket issued using the Website coupons.com.gh, acquires the right to receive Discounts in accordance with these Terms.
A Promotion (Promo) is a Partner’s offer on the Application on goods and / or services sold by them, to Members, subject to the presentation of the Coupon issued by the Owner in the procedure established by Terms of the Application.
The Owner in these Terms is understood as Coupons Technologies (REG. NO. ).
A Member is any individual registered on the Site in accordance with these Terms.
Partners are legal entities and / or individual entrepreneurs without a legal entity, selling goods and / or services in respect of which the Members are given a discount upon presentation of a Coupon. Partners in the implementation of all actions related to the provision of discounts using this Application, operate in accordance with the Agreements concluded with the Owner and these Terms.
A Coupon is issued in accordance with these Terms on paper or other media and confirms the registration of a Member to participate in the Promotion on this Application. The obligatory requisite of the Coupon is its individual number / QR code.
The Partner’s Personal Account is a personal section of the Partner on the Website, which allows the Partner to verify the validity of the Coupon presented by an individual number / QR code, keep records of Coupons submitted by Members, and carry out other actions related to participation in the Program.
Member's Personal Account is a personal member section on the Website that allows you to view information submitted to the Application, change personal settings, and perform other actions related to membership of the Program.
Member's Account is a section of the Site opened by the Owner on the Site in the name of a registered Member in accordance with these Terms.


1.1. Any individual over the age of 16 / sixteen may be a member of the Program.
1.2. A person wishing to become a Member registers on the Site, confirms acceptance of these Terms, as well as consent to the processing of personal data and receiving daily and weekly mailing of proposals from the Owner to the email indicated by the Member when registering on the Site (they can unsubscribe from newsletters in the Personal account of the Member, as well as by clicking on a link indicated in the newsletter), and provides a password for Access to the his / her personal account. By registering on coupons.com.gh, the Member is automatically registered to participate in any promotions running on the Site.

Rules Governing Coupon Usage

2.1. Usage of a Coupon for a Member is free of charge.
2.2. It is prohibited to use the Coupon for the purpose of its further sale by the Member to a third party. The site is intended only for personal non-commercial use by the Member.
2.3. It is prohibited to reuse a Coupon.
2.4. In the event of a violation (to clauses 2.2, 2.3. of the Terms) or in the event of any other violations of the Member, the Owner has the right to remove the Members account from the site and limit their further possibility of registering on it.
2.5. The use of Coupons is possible under the conditions specified in the respective Promotion. Promotion Conditions always take precedence over these Terms.

Benefits of Coupons

3.1. In order to receive the goods and / or services indicated in the Promotion with discounts, the Member of the program presents a Coupon in accordance with these Terms.
3.2. The right to receive discounts on the goods and / or services of the Partner indicated in the description of the Promotion is confirmed by a Coupon issued on the Website, the mandatory requisite of which is an individual number / QR code.
3.3. Discount on goods and / or services of Partners is provided with a coupon presented during the Promotion period once.
3.4. The discrepancy of the Member’s Coupon individual number / QR code to that set by the Owner entails its invalidity and does not lead to the Partner’s obligations to provide a discount on goods and / or services upon presentation of such Coupon.

Other conditions

4.1. The Owner, at his discretion, has the right to make any changes to these Terms and the list of Partners at any time. Information about these changes will be posted on the Owner's website.
4.2. The Owner does not bear warranty obligations regarding the goods and / or Services of Partners. Claims for the quality of the Partner’s goods and / or services are sent directly to the Partner.
4.3. The Website contains (or may contain) links to other websites (websites of third parties) as well as information and other Content owned by or originating from third parties (Content of third parties);
4.4. Notice of termination or suspension of the program or action is considered made on behalf of the Owner to the Member if it was sent by the e-mail specified by the Member when registering on the Site or posted on the Owner's Site coupons.com.gh.
4.5. The Member confirms that all data (including personal data of the Member) specified during registration on the Site can be used by the Owner only within the framework and for the purposes of the Program and will not be transferred to third parties. It is not considered a violation of the Company's provision of data to the Partners acting on the basis of an agreement with the Company for the fulfillment of obligations to the Member and only within the framework of agreements.
4.6. The Owner is not responsible for the actions of the Member, carried out on the Website of the Owner and performed using his/her account and on behalf of the Member.
4.7. The Member is responsible for the security of their registration data, such as username, password, e-mail, etc.
4.8. Members participating in Promotions must familiarize themselves with the rules of these offers and promotions on the site coupons.com.gh and follow them.
4.9. The Owner is not responsible for the inaccuracy of information about the goods and / or services of the Partner published on the Site.
4.10. The site contains links to third-party sites. Links to third-party sites are not checked by the Owner and the Owner is not responsible for the information on the third-party site that the Member received through the Owner's Site.
4.11. All elements located on the Website of the Owner are subject to the exclusive rights of the Owner and other right holders. All rights reserved and used in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Ghana.
4.12. The Owner has the right, at his discretion, at any time to carry out preventive or other work related to the technical support of the Site.
4.13. The Owner is not responsible for technical failures on the Site caused by the actions of third parties.
4.14. The Owner is not liable for damage caused to the Member’s equipment, directly and / or indirectly related to the use of the Owner’s Site.
4.15. The Owner is not responsible for the damage to honor, dignity and / or business reputation, for damage associated with lost profits, as a result of using the Site.
4.16. Other Terms that are not included in these Terms, including the rules of shares held by the Owner, can be found on special sections of the site coupons.com.gh.
4.17. In all other respects that are not stipulated by these Terms, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Ghana.